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We provide superior obedience and management gear (OMG) for dog owners. All of our dog leads and gear are handcrafted with quality detail, comfort, strength and durability in mind for the dog and their owner. We can significantly help dog owners who need more control and convenience by using one or more of our very innovative devices. Our dog leadership tools and management gear will help dog owners to train, exercise, travel, and groom their pets. Our amazing gear will save dog owners time and aggravation on a daily basis. Thank you for visiting our site. (Made in the USA)

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Inventive dog training tools that are made in the USA!

Dogg Boss training gear provides some much needed dog obedience training tools such as unique dog collars, tabs, crate gear, and dog leashes that you can't get in stores or anywhere online! (Made in USA) Jeff Wolfson is a master dog trainer and behaviorist with over 22 years’ experience. Jeff has consulted, educated and helped many [...]

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