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Jeff Wolfson is a master dog trainer and behaviorist with over 22 years’ experience. Jeff has consulted, educated and helped many dog owners achieve their obedience goals through leadership, exercise and a special teaching philosophy.

Jeff’s career started in the late 1980’s in the US military as a K-9 handler/ trainer for the Department of Defense and the United States Air Force. After completing many intensive dog training classes while in the service, Jeff began training dogs for the everyday dog owner in the early 1990’s.

This was a significant change for Jeff, but he enrolled in a local dog training school and became an apprentice dog trainer with a well-known dog training company north of Atlanta, Georgia.

In 1999, Jeff founded his own dog training company, K-9 Performance. His main objective was to promote leadership and instruct dog owners how to understand the way dogs think, learn, and communicate through the psychology of their dog.

In early 2005, Jeff rebranded his company Superior Dog Training. He continues to educate dog owners by creating a clear line of communication and trust between dog and owner. This results in a better dog and an educated owner whose bond lasts the lifetime of their loyal friendship.

After many years of successful training and satisfied clients, Jeff began designing obedience management gear products to assist dog owners. These products simplified and changed everyday activities for dog owners and their canine companions. Dogg Boss Gear is a result of Jeff’s hard work and dedication. With the success of the products Jeff has invented, he evolved from a Master Dog Trainer to be known as ‘The DoggBoss’.

Dogg Boss Gear is located in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area. The company handcrafts and manufactures its own Dogg Boss Gear products. Jeff exhibits his ingenious products at pet expos and his products have been showcased in several pet magazines (Dog Fancy, Dogs USA, Pet Product news), in addition to radio and TV. Dogg Boss Gear is a specialized dog leash, collar,and gear superstore.

We provide superior obedience and management gear (OMG) for dog owners. All of our dog leads and gear are handcrafted with quality detail, comfort, strength and durability in mind for the dog and their owner. We can significantly help dog owners who need more control and convience by using one or more of our very inventive devices. Our dog leadership tools and management gear will help dog owners to train, exercise, travel, and groom thier pets on a daily basis. Many dogs already love our gear and you will too! (Made in the USA)



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Dogg Boss Gear is a product line wholly manufactured and owned by Dogg Boss Gear Inc. We are a Woodstock Georgia based company specializing in new, unique high-quality dog obedience training and leadership products.

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We hope you benefit from buying and using our Dogg Boss Gear products, website and Services. Also coming soon will be more obedience management gear and products! Please call or check back soon for release date of our awesome new line of pet obedience products!

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