Zipp-n-Go Dog Leash

The Zipp-n-Go dog leash/lead is the world's most useful, easy, and convenient dog leash and collar . This is a all in one for dog owners who want more control of their dog or puppy. To put it on your dog you just slip it on a go and you can remove it by a slight upward pull motion on the collar part behind the neck area of the dog. The Zipp-n-Go dog leash is also a anti slip, in which a dog can't back out and a anti choking device in which it will take less pressure off a dogs throat when trying to pull. The Zipp-n-Go dog leash is also the first self adjusting collar in the world today. If there is pressure applied to the dog by the owner with the leash portion the collar part tightens around in a 360 degrees and takes much pressure of a dogs throat and trachea. Check our ZIPP-N-TRAC RETRACABLE LEASH as well. It also has pantet pending technology, but finally give a dog owner the control they need buy the luxury of some distances as well.