DoggBoss About

Dogg Boss Gear is proud to present a line of revolutionary (OMG) Dog products for dog owners around the world. The (OMG) products stands for Obedience­Management­Gear. This innovative dog gear will significantly help most dog owners around the world on a daily basis with more convenience , management and control of their canine companion.

Our featured Product will be the Zipp­-nGo dog leash. This all in­one very easy to use dog leash and collar is designed for comfort, control, and simplicity in mind for dog owners who leash their dog or puppy on any occasion.

The primary advantage that most dog owners love about the Zipp­n­go is the ability for a easy on and easy off application of the leash. This wonder leash also helps with gagging and escaping out of a traditional collar, yet giving the dog owner more control with the self adjusting with the unique collar portion.

The collar portion is designed with special hardware and combined with the nylon physics to prevent the leash from staying too snug and opening abruptly. This perfect combination prevents it opening to much too little. The collar portion also designed to releases on its own after being tugged on and return to the original tension on a dogs neck region. A safety snap release is also another key aspect in placement on the collar portion for the function, convenience and safety, while being utilized on the dog or puppy. The Zipp­n­Go is also manufactured with a very soft 1 inch handle for more comfort and easy gripping of the handle.

The Zipp-­n-­Go is the transforming leash of the future for dog owner who want to save time and aggravation with their dog. This amazing leash should not to be mistaken for a ordinary slip leads and has very different features and way more advantages. Try our leash once and you see why they call it the OMG of all dog leashes. The Zipp­-n-­Go also comes in a hands free version for training or jogging your dog.

The Pet Pal is another (OMG) dog product by the DoggBoss. Most dog owners will recieve a great, hands­free solution. for managing your dog or puppy during bathing, drying grooming, or traveling in the car with their canine companion. The suction cups hold the Pet Pal in place, while the flexible bone base reduces dangerous force applied to the dog when tugged. The Pet Pal is also equipped with a Zipp­n­Go go safety noose system that attaches to a d­ring fitted to the dog bone that is suction cupped to any smooth non porous surface. The Pet Pal will work great for any size dog.

Last but not least is our Lil Dogg Boss Tabs. These tabs are a great way of controlling your dog without having a long tab or leash attached. The Lil Tabs work great on small dogs for quick control off the leash and gives the dog owner more control with big dogs to. These Lil tabs give dog owners a easy solution to control, correct and maintain their dog or puppy when unleashed. The very short tab itself enables a safe and convenient way to manage small or big dogs too.

At Dogg Boss, we are committed to delivering only the highest quality products to our customers. Our priority is the safety and comfort of you and your beloved pet, which is why all of our products are handcrafted right here in the USA. WE HELP YOU LOVE YOUR PET

Made In USA