Dog Training

Training A Dog or Puppy Using Our (Omg) Obedience-Management-Gear From the DoggBoss

Dog and puppy obedience training should almost be a must for any responsible dog owner. Training a dog or puppy can be started at almost any age. The prime time for training your puppy should be started shortly after you bring them home. All dogs should have a training management system in place in order to have a relaxed happy obedient demeanor.

Obedience training doesn't correct all of your dog's behavior problems, but it is the key and foundation for solving just about any behavior problem. With the proper education from your local dog training company and a effective communication skills you should find out what is necessary to instruct and train your dog about what you want them to do at all times. So another words you want your canine companion to relax and follow your daily rulues with a clear understanding of what exptable and what's not. Training your dog is not a quick process and your done, it is a daily leadership commitment for the life of your dog and puppy.

For Puppy Training

I would suggest our Standard 3/4 inch wide 6 foot leash with a bolt snap that connects to a normal flat collar. Because they will problably chew them and get dirty. They cost less.

I would suggest a LiL Dogg Boss Tab and these are very short but will give you some control when unleashed.