Our Reviews On The (Zipp-n-Go Leash)

Best Dog Leash I've EVER found

Posted by Jenn on 30th May 2013

I've tried a ton of leashes trying to get control of my 2 dogs that LOVE to pull. Anything sold at Petsmart or any other pet store I have tried, all with no improvement...none that lasts anyway! I purchased one for my bigger dog (american bulldog) and not a week later had to have one for my puggle. I can now walk my dogs without struggle!!! Will continue to HIGHLY recommend this leash to everyone with a pup. It's extremely easy, and has been life changing for us.


Excellent leash!

Posted by Barb on 29th May 2013

My dog walker recommended this leash for my family. My husband has limited use of his right arm. This leash is excellent, because it allows my husband to slip the leash right over our puppy's head. It eliminated his frustration that came with the traditional leashes that attach to the color. The leash also prevents the pulling from our puppy. I originally bought this leash in Sept and now bought two more, because we like them so much.


Love this Leash & Dog Boss!

Posted by Jennifer Geel on 28th May 2013

I purchased a hands free leash from the Dogg Boss at a pet expo and loved it. I felt that I needed the handles for more control, so I recently ordered the Zipp-n-Go Dog Leash. I received my package and there was no leash inside. I contacted Jeff at Dogg Boss and with no questions asked he put another leash in the mail to me right away. And just as I thought, I have more control with the kushee handles on the leash. This is the best leash ever! You will not be disappointed with the leash or the customer service. Thank you Dogg Boss!



Posted by Happy Dog Owner on 15th May 2013

I was walking my 2 large dogs last night and another dog walked by - thought I was going to be dragged 20 ft. like usual but with this leash it's easy on the leash to finally have control. I pulled up on both the leads, and my dogs never even tried to cross the street over to the other dog. They knew they couldn't pull with these leashes - it was an enjoyable walk and I'm looking forward to more walking this summer. THANK YOU so much DoggBoss for finally inventing a leash that let's me take control - Kathy in MN


More confident!

Posted by Angel Livingston on 10th May 2013

Jeff has been training with my dog, Chewy, and I for a few weeks now. Chewy is dominant on the leash and many times I have had a very hard time controlling him when we walk. I feel so much more confident on our walks with the Zipp-n-Go leash than I have in the past. When I walk him I can control him better and he listens better knowing that I'm more confident that he won't actually walk me! I like that I can correct him firm enough to get his attention yet the collar part goes back to slack as soon as I'm done making it much more comfy for Chewy. And I LOVE the cushies! No more leash burn on my hands! An amazing leash and I'm so much happier that I have it rather than trying to resort to a pinch collar.. Thanks DoggBoss


Love This Leash!

Posted by The Forson Family on 23rd Apr 2013

We started using this leash when our Golden puppy was ten weeks old. The leash is easy to put on and provides safe, humane and effective control. Even the kids find it easy to use. No more wiggly pup when it is time to leash up! Our boy is five months old now, and we still love the zipp-n-go! We also have an older Lab and the zipp-n-go works well for her,as the collar self-adjusts to the size of the dog. Can't say enough about this great and innovative leash!


Best leash of all!

Posted by The Rynders on 26th Feb 2013

Absoulutley love this leash! It has been an excellent tool in training our little guy! We never have to worry about hurting him while walking or training! We don't know what we would do without it! Would definitely recommend!


Totally enjoy walking my dog...NOW.

Posted by Marlene & Cooper on 12th Feb 2013

Was introduced to the zipp-n-go when Jeff started training my Dalmatian puppy. I HAD to have one when I saw Jeff place the collar around my dogs neck and within minutes had total control over him with little effort. It is an easy on/off, can't slip off his neck, he can't back out of it and HE controls how tight it becomes when he pulls which makes him NOT want to pull! Walking him is so much easier and pleasant now. My arm is not pulled out of its socket and I can incorporate training on our walks with a quick and gentle correction jerk of the leash. This simple design leash is the best leash I have ever owned, and has made life a whole lot better!


Great leash!

Posted by Unknown on 21st Jan 2013

We have one of those dogs whose head is about the same size as her neck and she can back up and slip out of most collars. This solves the problem on walks-it is easy to slip on her but she can't slip out of it and the quality is great.We also purchased the retractable version and it is the same high quality.


Been a dog owner nearly 30 years- best leash ever!

Posted by Kelly on 15th Dec 2012

I met the inventor, Jeff when I hired him to train my dog. He was using this leash which is simple in design but extremely effective. My dog moves with me, doesn't yank my arm off and doesn't choke. I have used pinch collars in the past...out of desperation...and am not a fan of how aggressive they are. The zipp-n-go accomplishes the same thing without harming my boy! A totally awesome feature completely unrelated to my dog?? -- the ease with which I can leash up my dog. I am a new mom and often have an infant in arms when I need to take Miller out. It's easy. No hooks, snaps,etc--- it works like a charm. One-armed leashing is a cinch. I would recommend this to anyone.


Our Alapaha Bulldog puppy is responding great to her Zipp-n-Go Leash!

Posted by The Vasquez Family on 14th Nov 2012

After picking up a Zipp-n-Go Leash at the Atlanta Pet Expo, our puppy, Cookie, has been getting better and better with each walk. Before, we were using a traditional leash attached to a collar, and it was a game for her to pull and pull. The Zipp-n-Go Leash is making all aspects of training much more effective. Thank you for this wonderful product!!!


Dynamo Dogs Loves The Zipp

Posted by Gail & the Dynamo Dogs! on 22nd Oct 2012

I've used the Zipp & Go Leashes for my training classes, I teach basic and advanced group classes, and they work great for all dogs! I also love them for my own dogs when we are performing at our shows. The non-pull/choke feature is great, since they are so excited about performing their disc and other tricks and my assistants have no trouble unclipping the leashes, so the dogs come running out to perform with no hesitation from the old style clip leashes or slip leads.
I can't say enough about them! Thanks Dogg Boss for making my shows run smoother and helping my clients enjoy walking their dogs! Sincerely,
Gail and the Dynamo Dogs

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